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Email Marketing

Internet marketing allows the marketer to reach consumers in a wide range of ways and enables them to offer a wide range of products and services.

Keeping in touch with your clients and having them in touch with you has never been easier. In this day and age it is inefficient and expensive relying on “snail mail” to get your product in the faces of those people who count, your client. With WebEasy's Easymail packages you are given the power to reach a targeted market audience efficiently and with a minor expenditure. Utilizing your existing database of permissible clients, you are able to get your advert, newsletter or brochure anywhere in the world with the greatest of ease. Whether it be 2 000 or 30 000 we can get you out there and taking full advantage of viral marketing and the rewards it brings.

EasyMail Lite

Packages vary according to your demand. From 2 000 up to 30 000 recipients. With the Lite packages we enable you to send electronic newsletters etc. by yourself on your own time. Providing the means to access your database in a speedy and efficient manner.

Please note: This package does not include design or distribution.

EasyMail Basic

The basis for this option is the same as the lite package with the exception of design and distribution. With the basic line of packages, we here at WebEasy will take control of the design of your quarterly/ monthly or weekly newsletter and our marketing experts will distribute it for you from our state of the art marketing centre.

Please note: this package is for Text based Newsletters with no more than 3 images.

EasyMail Pro

If you are looking for a digital extension of your company then this is the option for you. Package includes a fully functional HTML newsletter complete with working links, Graphics and submittal form. Your newsletter is 100% customised to fit your business profile and can be designed to match the look of your website too.

Search Engine Optimisation

All our website come standard with Search Engine Optimization, however we offer it as a service at a fee to outsourced websites.

The art of website optimization includes maximizing certain aspects of your websites' design to improve search engine positioning. The most important of these are Title & Headings, Text Content, Keyword Selection, META Tags, Image Tags, Time, Link Popularity and Domain Name.

At WebEasy, we address these issues during the design of your website.